Risa and Andy | Seven Springs Wedding

The first time I met Risa and Andy, it was at their engagement session.  I remember noting how incredibly kind and laid back they are, and honestly just adored Risa’s constant smile as she walked alongside Andy.  Risa and Andy love animals- we photographed their engagement session with their dog, Luna, and I also got a few images with Risa and her cat, Nola, on her wedding day!  If you know me, you know that I love animals, so photographing an amazing couple and their pets on their wedding day was a triple win for me!

Risa and Andy also love to be outdoors- their first date was hiking at Cucumber Falls, and their proposal happened on the way home from their adventure-filled weekend of hiking and canoeing at Deep Creek. So naturally, the woodsy wonder of Seven Springs Mountain Resort was the perfect setting for Risa and Andy’s wedding day.

What I loved most about their wedding day was watching the subtle gestures of affection between Andy and Risa.  The long hug that they shared during the first look.  How Andy took Risa’s hand as she teared up during the ceremony.  How Risa’s happiness came out in smiles and laughs as we took her pictures with Andy.  A gesture can be small but still speak volumes.

A *close* second favorite moment was when the bridesmaid’s serenaded Risa and Andy as we started their portraits.  There we were, on the top of a mountain, just Risa, Andy, Barry, and me.  Out of nowhere, the bridesmaids step out of the shuttle in the distance, and start to sing “A Whole New World.” Naturally, we all laugh. Better yet, Andy decides to add to the romantic ambiance and starts to run around like a bird taking flight!  I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard!  Such a fun couple.  Such a fun bridal party, too!

Take a look to see what I mean…

wedding dress hanging in window

BAM. Look at that dress!

Jimmy Choo Beige Peep Toe Shoes
A bridesmaid is having her makeup done.
flower girl holding mirror
flower girl admires bride
Bride, makeup application
The bride holding her cat
Bride and mother holding her wedding dress
The mother of the bride zipping her dress.
The bride pulls up her garter
The bride looks at the ski slopes out the window.A bride looking at her wedding dress
A bride holding her flowers
Groom fiddling with his bowtie
The Best Man is helping the groom tie his bowtie
The groom buttoning his tux jacket.
A headshot of a groom
Groom and Groomsmen
First Look
First look when the groom sees the bride
The bride and groom embrace during their first look

A hug after the bride and groom

GAH- just love this embrace.

Photographer and Videographer help Bride

A little behind the scenes action. I’m with ShoFilms.

Portrait of a Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom HuggingBride and Groom by the Lake
A Wedding Dress Silhouette
Bride and groom walkingBride with Bridesmaids

Look at these lovelies right before the ceremony.

Bride in the processional
Groom Watches Bride
Beautiful Woodlands Ceremony
Beautiful flowers adorn the wooden crates at the ceremony
The bride happily cries during the wedding ceremony and the groom reaches out to hold her hand.
Wedding Vows
The bridesmaids wore a beautiful blush skirt and lace bodice.
Groomsmen watching wedding vows.
Wedding Vows in the Woodlands
Bride and groom kiss in the Woods
Lavender Toss Recessional
The Entire Bridal Party on the runwayBridal Party in Blush

The flower girl was having just as much fun as the rest of them!

Bridesmaids Serenade The Bride and Groom
Andy jokingly flies around like a bird as the bridesmaids serenade them.
A Bride, A Groom, and a Field of Daisies
A bride and groom sitting in a field of daises.
A Bride, A Groom, in a Field of Queen Anne
Groom Kissing Bride
Bride and Groom on a Runway
Bride and Groom on a Runway
Bride and Groom Walking on a Runway
Bride and Groom in a field of Queen Anne
Bride and Groom in a Field
Bride Dances for Groom in a field
A Bride Dancing in a Field
Groom Dips Bride in a Field
Bride and Groom Walking in FieldWedding reception introduction for the "New Mr. And Mrs.!"
Bride and Groom Dance First Dance
Bride and Groom Dance First DanceMaid of HonorBride and Groom Laughing at Toasts
Guests laughing at wedding Toasts
Groom Feeding Cake to the BrideThe groom and his mother during the mother son dance
Bride and Uncle During Father Daughter Dance
Bride and Groom Dancing at Reception
Guests Dancing in front of band
Groomsman Dancing
Bride and Bridesmaids Dance
Elite Show Band Playing at Wedding
Wedding Cake with Fern Decor
Mr. and Mrs. Chair Signage
The green foliage table centerpieces at the reception
Champagne Flutes at SunsetThe bride and groom on a deck with twinkle lights overhead.
Entertainment: Elite Show Band
Ceremony Musicians: Maureen, Hot Metal Strings
Ceremony Venue: The Meadowoods at Seven Springs Mountain Resort
Cake: Seven Springs Mountain Resort
Onsite Event Coordinator: Franki Waski
Florist: Linda Brown’s Floral
Hair/Makeup Aristitry: Becca McClain
Photographer: Lavender Leigh
Reception Venue: Timberstone Room, Seven Springs Mountain Resort
Videographer: ShoFilms

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