Behind the Camera: Leigh and Barry

Hopefully you’ve seen many images that reflect the passion of our work, and maybe you’ve wondered what the people behind the cameras are like!  So, here’s a little bit about us.

My name is Leigh, and I am the primary photographer for the business.  Many people get confused and think my name is Lavender since that is the first name in the business, but lavender is my favorite flower, which is how it came to be a part of my business name.  I absolutely love photographing people and weddings, especially when sparkle and personal flair are in the details!  I also love vibrance, style and dramatic imagery- all of which are demonstrated in the pictures I take.

Here are some images of me behind the scenes:

Behind the Scenes Leigh and Barry-5Behind the Scenes Leigh and Barry-1Behind the Scenes Leigh and Barry-6

Yes, I do more than just photograph weddings the day of !  I have also been a dress bustler and boutonniere pinner upon request!Behind the Scenes Leigh and Barry-11

Me trying to “rock on with my bad self” while we test lighting.  Behind the Scenes Leigh and Barry-2

The unsung hero of Lavender Leigh Photography is my husband and second shooter, Barry.  Not only does he get great angles for pictures, but he also helps to set up lighting, carry very heavy equipment and pose as my test model.  And, maybe for a quick second or two, he likes to put a smile on my face as I test different angles and lighting.  His good nature, creative talent and friendly personality are recognized by all of our clients, point proven by all of the fantastic mentions he receives in our accolades.

Here are some images of Barry behind the scenes:Behind the Scenes Leigh and Barry-8

He gets so excited to photograph the bride walking down the aisle!  I wait for him to capture the moment before I creep in.Behind the Scenes Leigh and Barry-3

Posing for a few test shots…Behind the Scenes Leigh and Barry-7Behind the Scenes Leigh and Barry-10

Barry’s rendition of “rocking on with your bad self.” Behind the Scenes Leigh and Barry-4Behind the Scenes Leigh and Barry-9

Leigh and Barry Q&A

Q: What is your nickname?

L: One-on-one he calls me his beautiful bride, but on the job it is just Leigh.

B: Bear

Q: What do you look forward to when photographing a wedding?

L: Capturing a “WOW” moment.  One of those moments that makes you sit and look at the picture for hours.

B: The processional because everything leads up to that moment. All of the getting ready, anxiety, and anticipation. When that music starts nothing else matters except the connection between the bride and the groom.

L: Touché, Barry.

Q: What is the funniest thing that happened during a wedding?

L: Watching a bride and groom move in slow motion under the arms of their attendees as they exited a reception.  The attendees formed a bridge with their arms and the bride and groom slow-mo surfed their way under the arms!  Love that couple!

B: What made that moment even funnier was when the bride accidentally tripped!  She wasn’t hurt at all; as a matter of fact, she was laughing hysterically and couldn’t wait to see the pictures of her tripping!

Q: What do you bring to the table when you photograph?

L: Bringing the clients’ excitement and energy into their pictures.  Finding the beauty in every scene.  Also, helping my clients to feel like celebrities because this is their amazing day!

B: The table!  Ha-ha, no, really, I have a unique opportunity to look “outside the lens.”  I know Leigh is getting some AWESOME shots so I know I can take risks like: switching to the wide angle lens to capture the scenery, find big details in the smallest of things, and even catch a tear on grandma’s cheek.

Q: Anything else you want to leave your readers with?

L: Barry and I make an awesome team!  We have a lot of energy, and dedicate this energy to our clients and their day.  Our clients mean the world to us, and being able to capture their beautiful moments is such a blessing.

B: Agreed. And, I love working with my wife because it gives me the opportunity to see her doing what she is passionate about!

L~ F~: